What fun we had over the last couple of days! The Hook & Ladder family have well and truly offered a big welcome to Cookie & Crumb since we started stocking their 3 shops in Limerick in early February. The last couple of days we were personally in store to meet customers and what a great couple of days we had.

May 14th, 2016 – Hook & Ladder, Sarsfield Street, Limerick

300 Cookies. Scores of Happy Customers.

Sundays are family days so this morning we spent some at Hook & Ladder in Sarsfield Street to show customers how they can enhance their Sunday living with making #memoriesinthekitchen with Cookie & Crumb.

While customers were waiting to be seated (Hook & Ladder are super popular) we offered them a taste just enough to whet their appetite but not ruin their brunch. We got some super feedback from everyone we met!

May 22nd, 2016 – Hook & Ladder, Corbally, Limerick City

300 Cookies. Many Happy Customers.

We love Hook & Ladder and by all accounts, their customers love Cookie & Crumb. We had another enjoyable day today at Hook & Ladder in Corbally. It truly seems that it is the place to go to on a Sunday morning for breakfast (before going home to bake with us, of course).

As with our day at Hook & Ladder in Sarsfield Street, customers waiting to be seated at this popular eatery were treated to a taste of our fabulous cookies. Again, just enough to whet the appetite and show everyone just what they’re missing! Thankfully everyone loved them and we almost sold out of jars. Many thanks to one mother-of-the bride who took 7 jars back to West Cork as welcome gifts for some friends arriving next week for her daughters wedding!

May 29th, 2016 – Hook & Ladder, Castletroy Shopping Centre

300 Cookies. Lots of Happy Customers.


We were busy making more #memoriesinthekitchen this morning and sharing them with customers at Hook & Ladder in Castletroy, Limerick for a change. If there ever was an eatery to be impressed with, it has to be Hook & Ladder. Not only is their food fantastic, but their customers offered us a great welcome and some very generous feedback this morning.

Our Belgian White Chocolate & Cranberry cookies proved to be the most popular this morning among customers waiting to be seated. We even had one or two customers who asked for a second tasting!