Who We Are

At Cookie & Crumb we are much more than just a cookie company, we lovingly produce and sell a range of baking mixes that bring a smile to our customer’s faces and help them to create lasting memories.

We believe that life is to be enjoyed and we know the importance of sharing time with family and friends. Our cookie mixtures have been expertly put together with the exact amounts of good, honest ingredients in a way that makes it easier for you and your loved ones to enjoy baking and sharing our cookies.

We are passionate about bringing some fun into people’s lives and creating opportunities for people to spend quality, hassle-free time with family and friends.

We want to hear your stories and see the results from your Cookie & Crumb adventures. Share your pictures and thoughts with us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook – Find us @cookieandcrumb and follow us on #memoriesinthekitchen

Our Story

Family has always been really important to me and as a young girl I was blessed with a family who offered me a childhood filled with precious memories. They are one of the most wonderful things I possess and it is now my turn to help create cherished memories with my own children/family.

Cookies & Crumb may have started (and continue to be based) in the heart of East Limerick but the memories that brought it to fruition started some 11,000 miles away in the kitchen of a rural western Australian town.

As a young and eager 21 year old girl, I left my home and family to travel the world. With my bags packed, my heart filled with love and memories, my mind was open and ready for everything new. Majestic Ireland called and I came and fell in love, literally. Two decades later, I call it home.

I have three wonderful children; Brenna, Ethan and Niall and a loving husband, Mike and spending time with them is one of my most favourite things to do. I have always made every effort to do something creative with my family to ensure that we are weaving the tapestry of life with golden memories that we all will treasure. This is where Cookie & Crumb started.

I don’t consider myself a baker but I love the time it takes in a kitchen to get my young ones involved and bake cookies – and, more to the point, enjoy eating them together afterwards. Cookie & Crumb is for the baker and the non-baker in us all – for those who want simple and carefree ways to create memories with their families.