So you’ve enjoyed making and eating your cookies but what to do with the jar? We’re great believers in being extra creative with what we’ve already got so we did a search online for all the things you can do with your Cookie & Crumb glass mason jar and we found that there are so many things you can do with your jars.

We have a dedicated board to repurposing jars on our Pinterest Page, so check it out for even more ideas.

Here are a few ideas…..

Fairy lights jar Cookie & Crumb repurposing cookie jars

1. Twist some fairy lights and place into the jar for a twinkle of fairy magic – the large jars would work well here. You can pick up battery powered lights from various discount stores around the country. Here’s where found this idea!



Cookie & Crumb I'm Bored things to do with your glass jar

2. To keep the kids amused make your own “I’m Bored Jar”. My daughter and I made this together. On slips of little paper write things to do. These things can be really nice fun things such as baking Cookie & Crumb cookies, go for a walk, have a Teddy Bears picnic but can also include things such as tidy your room, cull the wardrobe and sort the odd socks! It’s pot luck what your child chooses and will help fill those summer holidays.


Chalkboard label jars thinsg to do with glass jars how to repurpise jars Cookie & Crumb

3. Clip-top jars are great for all kinds of storage around the house and in the kitchen. From cotton buds to baking ingredients. It keeps everything neat and tidy (for a while anyway) – ideal for a homework station or even better for all your herbs and spices. You can even tie your own labels around the jar or make your own chalkboard label. Chalkboard Label Storage Jars


Flowers in a jar reuse your cookie jar from Cookie & Crumb

4. At this time of year, gardens and fields are full of fabulous flowers. Why not show them off in your home by using the jars as vases? No matter what style your kitchen is, these jars filled with flowers give a beautiful rustic and authentic feeling. With this good weather we are experiencing you may have a BBQ organised or you may be having friends over for tea. These flower jars will easily dress your outdoor tables. Here’s where we got this picture from – don’t forget to share your version on social media and tag us


Cheesecake jar glass jar repurposing how to use your cookie jars Cookie & Crumb

5. The medium or small jars (for mini versions) are an ideal size for making individual servings of cheesecakes or tiramsu. These are ideal if you are having some friends over and you want to prepare them the day before and keep them in the fridge. Closing the jar will esnure they are kept fresh and enjoyed by all when the time is right! Take a look at these: Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu


For more ideas check out our Pinterest Page here. We have a board dedicated for repurposed jar ideas. And don’t forget, we love to see what you use your jars for – share them with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.